Hemlock exists in a world nearly identical to our own. Same food. Same stores. Same bands and music.

The difference? Fourteen years ago, a series of vicious animal attacks swept the globe. Though first reported in large cities like New York, Tokyo, and Paris, stories of attacks gradually spread to almost every city and town in the world. Two years after the first publicized attacks, the government announced the existence of lupine syndrome: the werewolf virus.


The south side of the city is home to Hemlock’s retail sector as well as the local high school and community college. Several historic neighbourhoods in this area have survived by converting sprawling 19th century homes into multiple occupancy dwellings and apartment buildings. A low-income, high crime neighbourhood on the edge of the south side is referred to by locals as “the Meadows.”

The north side of the city is home to Hemlock’s growing population of upper middle class residents. In addition to multimillion dollar homes and choice real estate, this area boasts a country club, community center, and yacht club.


162,345 (according to last census)


Hemlock lies in a heavily forested area. A river runs through the center of the city, dividing it into distinct north and south sides.

Places of NoteEdit

  • Elmwood Avenue- A historic street near downtown Hemlock. Many of the buildings date to the 1880s and were once the homes of Hemlock’s wealthy and elite. These days, most of the structures have been converted to apartment buildings—like the one Mac and Tess live in.
  • Kennedy High School- The local high school. Go Coyotes!
  • Java Coyote- A popular coffee shop owned by a former Kennedy High cheerleader who named the business “Java Coyote” in an attempt to hold onto her glory days.
  • Mama Rosa’s Fine Italian Eatery- Excellent pizza and free refills on soda. It’s where Mac works fulltime during the summer and part-time during the school year.
  • Bonnie and Clyde- A local bar that takes the term “dive” to whole new levels. Despite its (many) health code and safety violations, Bonnie and Clyde never gets shut down.
  • Riverside Square- A park located near the river. The cool shade provided by ancient trees and the water fountain in the park’s center make it a popular hangout.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Although Hemlock is a fictional US town, its main geography is based on Fredericton, New Brunswick. Sometimes referred to as “The City of Stately Elms,” Fredericton is filled with historic houses on tree-lined streets. The Saint John River runs through the center of the city and much of downtown is located near its banks.